Business Expansion, New Services, Success!

I am visiting family in DC, and had an impromptu photo shoot with the dogs and my whip, the Greenbean. Worked my butt off in order to bag a truly solid, safe car, which I like driving immensely:

I work my butt off even harder every day (yes, good dog ownership means you can never stop putting in the work, esp. owning a power breed) to have a good relationship with my dogs, whom I love beyond belief... and to have a good relationship with your dogs who seem to all come around quite nicely!

So grateful to see how far this business has come over the last seven years. I still remember barely making ends meet, and being lucky if I could find two clients a month when I started out in 2011. Remember training so many dogs for free, having horrible leash handling skills, not knowing how to safely handle aggressive dogs, or to be truly fair. Remembering thinking training tools were cruel and saying no to a dog was mean... how far we have come!

Later this Spring, I will be hiring an incredibly talented, experienced trainer to assist with #boardandtrain dogs; we have been booked out months for the last two years, and it's not fair for people who are struggling with their dogs to wait that long. You will be hearing a lot more about him shortly!

Later this year, we will also be offering protection training for private clients, and may even train up an imported dog or two for the police department as things pick up. (So, yes- we will be training dogs to bite, but also not to bite.)

EXTREMELY exciting things to come at The Loyal Hound!

Here's to health, happiness, and wealth in every sense of the word to all of you! Hope your dogs are doing fantastically.Cannot believe 31 is just around the corner for this dog-adoring, ultra race-running "old lady"; it's looking to be a pretty good year so far!

#pitbull #balancedtraining #bostondogtraining #boardandtrain #Boston #offleash #dogaggression #servicedogs #protectiondogs #policek9

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