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Boston Aggresive Dog Training



Boston Aggressive Dog Training & Behavior Modification Experts

The Loyal Hound Dog Training LLC is a premiere dog obedience training company servicing Boston, Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We specialize in behavior modification. Our extremely high success rate with dog aggression issues and other major behavioral problems have earned us a reputation as one of the best dog trainers in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Boston Board and Train & Off Leash Obedience 

Located in Kingston, NH 

Boston Aggresive Dog Training

Does your dog struggle with... 

Dog Aggression

Human Aggression 
Leash Pulling
Jumping on Guests
Food Aggression

Our trainers are equipped to help your dogs overcome each of these behaviors.


 Here at The Loyal Hound we tailor our methods to suit each dog individually based off of breed, temperament, and overall demeanor.

Boston Aggresive Dog Training


"I cannot say enough about how amazing Jay was with our dog. After receiving our rescue dog, we noticed she had a couple of ticks but was overall very sweet. She was unable to be off leash for any period of time and would run if given the opportunity. Living on a busy road, we had a couple of very scary moments during her escapes. She also had some slight aggression issues when she felt nervous and had nipped a couple of friends. After sending her to The Loyal Hound, she came back so much more behaved but still with her sweet demeanor that we fell in love with. She now is able to be off a tethered leash in our yard and is very much enjoying her new found freedom. Nothing beats being able to play fetch in the yard with her or knowing how much more relaxed she is overall. We have not had any aggression issues with her at all since she graduated and I truly believe the whole family is happier since she completed her Loyal Hound training. Thank you guys for what you do. The only thing I would change about this experience is, I would have done it sooner if I had known how amazing the results would be.”

- Sarah McCarthy

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