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The Loyal Hound Boston Off Leash Obedience


Sarah S. 

I cannot say enough about how amazing Jay was with our dog. After receiving our rescue dog, we noticed she had a couple of ticks but was overall very sweet. She was unable to be off leash for any period of time and would run if given the opportunity. Living on a busy road, we had a couple of very scary moments during her escapes. She also had some slight aggression issues when she felt nervous and had nipped a couple of friends. After sending her to Etiquette Academy For Dogs she came back so much more behaved but still with her sweet demeanor that we fell in love with. She now is able to be off a tethered leash in our yard and is very much enjoying her new found freedom. Nothing beats being able to play fetch in the yard with her or knowing how much more relaxed she is overall. We have not had any aggression issues with her at all since she graduated and I truly believe the whole family is happier since she completed her Etiquette Academy For Dogs training. Thank you guys for what you do. The only thing I would change about this experience is, I would have done it sooner if I had known how amazing the results would be.”

Luka & Daniel

Luka, Jay and Ed bred him and trained him, love him to death! Even the 17 year old “Max the Cat” loves him. 
- Daniel D.

Boston Dog Training Testimonial

Totti & Mali C.

I highly recommend The Loyal Hound! Eddie was informative, professional and very calming! He took his time, including 2 house visits, to help us with our incredibly sweet, but unruly pit mix rescue Totti. Thanks to Eddie's skill and knowledge, our food-obsessed dog that once (a day ago!) would cry and harass us while we ate, lay completely relaxed in the kitchen for half an hour while we ate breakfast with no correction needed! Totti is also more chill in the park, walks amazing on leash and is working towards being able to walk off-leash without distraction. Overall amazing! Booyah!! Thank you!

Axel & Lydia Z

This is Axel. Jay got him for us and trained him! The best life companion anyone can wish to have! Thank you Jay!
- Lydia Z. 

Boston Dog Training Testimonial

Sandy L.

I sent two of my dogs to Jay and Eddie.  A caucasian Ovcharka and german shepherd.  They are total opposites in personality.  They each needed their training to be very different.  The ovcharka is lazy and stubborn, can get a little aggressive, thinks he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want too.  Eddie trained him in a way that he wouldn't take it personal and worked slower with him, making everything positive with him.  The shepherd has a high prey drive and also likes to jump up and bite at horses in their stalls, Jay worked with him on off leash and to listen to me better especially around horses and cats. My shepherd is also neurotic at times and Jay instilled a more calmness to his demeanor.  Jay and Eddie are fabulous trainers, my dogs all like them, they come home very well behaved, happy and in great physical condition.  I can't recommend them enough.  They evaluate the personality and train them accordingly, it's not one size fits all.  They take the time to work with you after the training is done and are always available anytime you have a question or a problem.  Thank you Jay and Eddie, I'm so thrilled with how my boys are doing.  

Jennifer C. 

No matter what your need they can help you!  One of my dogs is very energetic and was starting to show signs of dog aggression and was becoming territorial.  The Loyal Hound saw the underlying issues and worked with both my dog and me and we had fantastic results.  I have everything I have ever wished for my dog in terms of his behavior and I now have the confidence to handle him.  My other dog loves them as well and they provide the best possible care for both my dogs when I am traveling.  Both are excited and happy to see them when I drop them off!!  Their training is highly individualized which makes all of the difference in the world!

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