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The Loyal Hound Aggressive Dog Training
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Board and Train Program


Your dog will be able to follow commands on and off-leash, without treats, in HIGH LEVELS OF DISTRACTION.  We will also address any on-leash issues such as pulling, jumping, and excessive barking. We will modify behavior accordingly if your dog is exhibiting aggression. 

In each customized program, your dog will learn the commands that we feel will give them the greatest quality of life.

  • Heel (Loose-leash walking) in high distraction settings - no reactivity!

  • Down-Stay

  • Place Command 

  • Recall (Come) in high distraction settings

  • Crate Manners/Separation Anxiety

  • Waiting for Food, and not rushing through open doors, or up/down stairs

  • Mouthiness

  • A "Drop" or "Out" Command

  • Counter-Surfing

  • Compulsive Barking

  • Impolite Greetings (Jumping)


We'll chat to learn about your dog's unique needs and challenges. 


Read and sign the Training Contract, pay for your package, schedule your Board and Train program. 


Your dog will stay with us while we work to develop new skills and behaviors over the course of their program.  


Schedule follow up private lessons to ensure you are set 



Our immersive program builds massive amounts of confidence. It helps your dog develop social skills and coping tools for interacting with (or just tolerating) dogs and humans. It patterns new foundation behaviors working the entire time toward creating a more stable emotional baseline.  Dogs receive private customized training sessions, group training sessions, daily structured walks, controlled socialization opportunities with balanced dogs, and supervised play time between intensive training. We specialize in cutting-edge, low-level remote collar training and advanced behavior modification. Please take a moment to read about how remote collar training humanely and effectively facilitates clear dog-human communication here.  By the end of their stay, your dog will understand an entirely new way of being. Additionally, you will be armed with a better understanding of canine psychology, body language, and proper handling skills. Allowing you both to enjoy a stress-free life together. Our methods build confidence by teaching your dog to defer to you when they are uncomfortable. Create space when they need it, and reliably make better choices in all kinds of situations, with minimal stress and confusion. All done in a very reasonable amount of time.  

Boston Board and Train


Our program design sets you and your dog up for a lifetime of success and results that actually last. As you can imagine, humans play a huge role in getting a dog truly back to good.  We set our clients up to succeed, and want to see you get the most out of your investment. Included in our program fee is all training equipment, in addition to continued owner education and support. We are one of the few local companies who proudly offer UNLIMITED ONE ON ONE PRIVATE FOLLOW UP LESSONS AT OUR FACILITY. These are made available to our clients for the lifetime of the dog. You can schedule with Jay directly as needed.



Board and Train & 
Unlimited Class Membership

Ideal for friendly dogs who just need on-leash and off-leash advanced obedience



Board and Train & 
Unlimited Class Membership

For dogs exhibit more serious, aggressive behaviors. Advanced obedience included. 



Fill out the form below to start your journey to having a safer, more confident dog. 

Thanks for reaching out!
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